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New Features

Organizing Pulsate

It's a new year and traditionally that means lots of New Year's resolutions about losing a few pounds, taking up new hobbies and better organising the elements within your life. We can't help you drop a dress size or learn the ukelele but we can help you to bring some much needed organization to your favourite mobile marketing platform.

We are starting off the new year by releasing a suite of tools and addons to make it easier than ever to find, filter and organize all of the different elements within Pulsate. This is a much requested update that we have been working on for the past couple of months to ensure that these new features offer powerful and easy to use functionality that will seamlessly fit into multiple different Pulsate workflows.

Organizing Pulsate with Groups

Pulsate Groups


Probably the most substantial update that we are releasing today is the ability to organize the different elements within pulsate into groups. Most of our clients manage a lot of different elements within Pulsate and it can be difficult to keep track. Most likely you will have hundreds of campaigns, segments, geofences and beacons and up until now there has been no way to organize those elements. 

With the introduction of groups, you can now organize all of those elements into distinct groups based on whatever criteria makes most sense for the type of elements that you are organizing and the particular goals of your business. With a couple of clicks, you can now organize your campaigns into different categoiries depending on who the campaign is targeting or what the goal of the campaign is. Alternatively, you may want to organize campaigns based on what type of product they are promoting or what group of users the campaign is being sent to. 

Likewise, you can organise beacons and geofences into different groups based on whatever factors make most sense for your company. You may want to organize geofences based on city or neighbourhood and beacons based on different stores or even different floors or zones within each store. 

If you want to find out more information on using groups in Pulsate, please click on our documentation here.

Multi Select

Multi Select

If you have hundreds of elements and you want to add them to different groups, it would be very tedious if you had to add each element one by one. To solve that issue, we are also introducing a multi select feature that allows you to select multiple elements at the same time and carry out bulk actions such as adding those elements to a group.

You can also now use the multi select feature to carry out other bulk actions depending on what section you are in. For campaigns, you can select multiple campaigns and pause or stop those campaigns and for the first time you can also delete and bulk delete campaigns. These campaigns will be removed from the campaign list but their stats will be retained in the campaign stats section. You can also bulk delete segments, beacons and geofences.

Target Groups 

Targeting Groups

As well as allowing you to manage lots of elements, grouping has also been integrated with the targeting section of the campaign builder. You can now filter segments, beacons and geofences based on the groups that were created for those elements.

This makes it easy to find the right elements to target for each campaign. And the multi select feature has also been added to the targeting section so you can now target all of the elements in a group in just one click when you are sending a campaign. 



We are also expanding the search capabilities within Pulsate to make it easier to find individual elements in each section. So whether you are looking for a specific campaign, a segment, a geofence or a beacon; you can now search directly for them. When you receive the search results, you can decide to add one or multiple elements to a group or carry out an action such as pausing a campaign that you searched for. 


As well as allowing you to organise different elements into Pulsate groups, we are also introducing a new feature that will enable filtering of those items by various system criteria. The criteria that you can filter by will be different depending on what section you are in. The filters for the following sections are: 


Screenshot 2017-01-06 16.15.46.png


Screenshot 2017-01-06 16.15.26.png


Screenshot 2017-01-06 16.16.41.png


Screenshot 2017-01-06 16.16.12.png

We hope that you enjoy using these new features and we would love to hear any feedback on these and any other Pulsate features. We are also available to provide training on these new features so please let us know if you would like to set up a session. 

We have lots of great plans for the rest of 2017 and we are very excited about some of the new product features that are currently in development. Make sure you keep an eye on this product blog and your email for upcoming updates from the Pulsate team. 




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